Announcing RoadMap 2012: Speakers include Evan Williams, CEOs of Tumblr, Instagram


We’re super excited to officially announce our second annual RoadMap conference, which will take place on November 5 in San Francisco, and is focused on design in the age of connectedness (get tickets here). Here is the big idea: with the data explosion and always-on connectedness, the world has become so complex, and design and UI are the keys to simplifying, and creating meaning from the connected landscape.

Our initial speaker lineup is packed with a lot of really great thought leaders, who will discuss their ideas around connected devices, new web designs, future platforms, like our bodies and our cars, and how the world will change when everything has a ubiquitous wireless connection. Here are some of our amazing speakers:

  • Kevin Systrom, Co-founder, CEO of Instagram
  • David Karp, Founder, CEO of Tumblr
  • Yves Behar, Founder, Chief Designer of fuseproject
  • Tony Fadell, Founder, CEO of Nest
  • Evan…

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