“When John Key travels, we travel too”.

After “escorting” the Prime Minister on his tour of the United States last year, Fairfax political editor and unofficial National Party press secretary Tracy Watkins is once again travelling the world doting on our dear leader.

Her recent sycophantic drivel is being written from Europe, where it seems that she is again keeping John Key company and making sure we all get to read about what a swell guy he is. 

 Noting that her latest outpouring of John Key adoration was filed from Brussels, I called Fairfax’s press gallery number this afternoon, and spoke to senior political reporter Vernon Small, who confirmed that Watkins was indeed with the Prime Minister, before noting cheerfully that “When Key travels, we travel too”. 

Of course, this in itself isn’t a problem, and journalists frequently travel to where the news is happening.    But, when taken in the context of Watkins’ ongoing pro-National spin, and Fairfax’s heavily partisan political coverage,  there appears…

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