Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Science proves it.

One wonders why they bothered to do a scientific study to prove such an obvious thing. It’s been painfully obvious ever since he was elected.

In the study, those who unconsciously favored Whites over Blacks were much more likely to vote Republican than those who did not.

The problem here is the notion that these conservative Whites are voting against Obama merely because he is Black. That’s not what’s going on. As a friend of mine said, Obama is a “real Black.” Alan Keyes, Colon Bowel, Condoleeza Rice and various Tea Party Blacks like this West character from Florida are not considered by most Blacks, or even most Americans, to be real Blacks.

They’re not with Black people. They don’t support their own. Their politics is completely opposed to the interests of the vast majority of US Blacks. So most US Blacks see them as simply…

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