Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Excellent piece on Colombia smashes a lot of myths about the FARC. I support the FARC 100%. They are my heroes.

As you can see, the Colombian state has no interest in peace at all. All they want is military defeat of the FARC.

In Colombia, anyone on the Left who opposes the state can and often is accused of being either a member or supporter of the FARC. Then they are threatened, followed, arrested, beaten, tortured or murdered. So really, there is no legal Left in Colombia. Since there is no legal Left in Colombia and there is no space for legal organizing of electoral politics, why should the FARC lay down its arms.

Should the FARC disarm? Why? The last time they did, a section of them formed the UP, Patriotic Union, to run for office. The UP was genocided, 5,000 of them were slaughtered by the stateā€¦

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