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The public is right behind the Government’s plans to stop beneficiaries having babies.

Although critics have attacked the decision to provide free contraception for beneficiaries, two polls show the public loves the idea.

Nearly 80 per cent of respondents in a Sunday Star-Times reader poll supported funding long-term reversible contraception for female beneficiaries and their 16 to 19-year-old daughters. More than half wanted the Government to go further.

And a Research New Zealand poll found 65 per cent support, and that while those on low incomes were less likely to favour the proposal, there was still 54 per cent support among those earning less than $40,000.

Note the SST readers poll is not a scientific random poll.

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  1. Covert-Electronic Assault New Zealand Says:

    It won’t be long before single woman on government assistance are forced to have micro chip style birth control!! It won’t be compulsory to start with but it will end up that way. Going by other countries that NZ copies – it will then be made compulsory for everyone to be micro-chipped to get any benefit & things such as medical, financial records, insurance etc. The government says the contraception implant can be removed. BULL!! Often surgery is needed and the chips can move!!!! Say no ladies & NZ! MORE information about the Risks/hazards of microchip implantation GO TO


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