Well, that didn’t take long.

It’s just a few days since the French presidential election, in which Socialist François Hollande triumphed over incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, and already the crème de la crème have the knives out for the new man in charge.

Newsdesks around the continent were no doubt grinding into action as soon as the result was announced, but now that the dust is settling it seems that the startup elite of Paris are preparing to leave in their droves.

First, the Wall Street Journalfinds out that many French entrepreneurs are wary of their new president, including Loic Le Meur, organizer of Le Web conference:

Le Meur was worried by “the ambience against financial success that surrounded Hollande’s campaign. He said himself, ‘I don’t like the rich’ and ‘my No. 1 enemy isn’t Sarkozy but the financial markets’. If you succeed you should be rewarded for your…

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