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The election in Greece copied the last election of the Weimar republic in Germany in 1932.  Now, everyone is waiting for the final strong leader.

The ruling Social Democratic party (PES) fell from 43 to 13 per cent from 2009 to 2012. That is a larger fall than the SPD’s fall in Germany from their victory in 1928 to the defeat in the 1932-election.

The two main parties, New Democracy and Pasok, attracted less than a third of the vote, in an election plunging Greece into political uncertainty.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said Greece’s reforms were of “utmost importance”.

With about 99 per cent of votes counted, centre-right New Democracy (ND) is leading with 18.9 per cent, down from 33.5 percent in 2009.

A radical left coalition, Syriza, came second with 16.8 per cent and a party of ultra-nationalists – Golden Dawn – polled almost 7 percent..

PASOK, which has spent…

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