Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

A commenter just used the word “creeper” on the site. He was banned, not just for that, but also for general tone. You can’t use that word on the site. That’s one word that I’m sorry was ever invented. “Creepers” are more or less guys like the ones that have been coming to the incel thread. The incels, the socially awkward, people with social anxiety, anxious or nervous people in general, Asperger’s folks, STEM types, obviously anyone who is truly mentally ill as in schizophrenic, manic-depressive or psychotic. But it’s used for one group more than any other: introverts! Yes, introverts are creepers. We are creepy, weird and all that shit. Anyone who isn’t 100% normal is a creeper.

Look, this is Robert Lindsay, not high school. We don’t use words like that. We don’t call otherwise decent people creepers, creepy, creeps or any of that. I rarely use…

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