Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

This is a critique of Islam that was written by Pepperoncini, a commenter on the site. I agree with his critique of Islam to a large degree. It is simply correct.

The problem with the solution as he sees it of Islam being taken over by a secular Ataturk type figure is that this has been tried many times before. To this very day, there are many such experiments going on. They always or almost always fail.

They failed in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and the Palestinian territories, and are failing at the moment in Syria, the Southern Philippines, Thailand and Nigeria. They failed in 1979 in Iran, in 1989 in Afghanistan and are failing at the moment in the Caucasus, especially in Chechnya. Even in Turkey, where Ataturk set the standard for secular Islam, it is failing as Turkey becomes an increasingly Islamic state.

Secular Islam results in purist Islamist…

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