Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Steve wants to know if there is anything good about North Korea.

If there are good things in north Korea, I would like to hear about them. I just heard about scarce food, electricity and petrol, a crippled economy and a brainwashed, repressed population. Sounds like a God awful place to live. Give me South Korea any day- highly developed and free.

As a general rule, if the state has any extra money at all, it goes to the workers and the ordinary people to better their lives. People only work 6 hours a day in Pyongyang, and there are no food shortages in Pyongyang. Workers are treated with respect, kindness and dignity, unlike almost everywhere in the capitalist world, where workers are treated with extreme contempt and society is organized around a “Fuck the workers!” capitalist mindset. Everyone has a place to live and nice clothes to wear.


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