Amazon(s amzn) CTO Werner Vogels had some words of wisdom Thursday for IT customers: “You should keep your providers on their toes every day. If we’re not delivering the right services you should walk away.”

No one watching the AWS Summit would disagree with that sentiment. But many questioned exactly how easy it will be for customers to walk away if they are fully engaged with higher-value-add Amazon services– the stuff that runs up the stack from the basic Amazon EC2 compute and S3 storage subsystems. And there are more higher value-add Amazon services seemingly every day (see chart.)

Vogels’ statement “has a good mouthfeel to it, but [walking away]  is sometimes easier said than done,” said Fred Holahan, CMO of VoltDB, a database provider that uses AWS. “Depending on the level at which you’re building software, you might be quite insulated from the details of the underlying infrastructure, but part…

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