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My Unpublished Monday/5 April/1999 Alliance Red and Green Article.

February 25, 2008

Monday/5 April/1999.(Posted Wednesday/27 February/2008).Colin Bruce Milne.620 Park Road,Te Awamutu.Waikato.2400.New Zealand.Phone(07)871-7520.
Attn Matt McCarten,Editor,Alliance Red and Green Magazine,P.O.Box 2948,Wellington.
Attn Tony Cardy,Editor,Green and Gold,NZ Guardian Bulletin,P.O.Box 44,Cambridge.
Dear Comrades/Citizens,I am writing to you this article so that we should have a more long-term planned strategy of Alliance Party development.
I am contemptuous of the typical NZ three year system in which political parties are hyperactive for Parliamentary election years then the other 2 years they get lazy and out of touch with the voters then when another Parliamentary election comes up are then unprepared.
One solution is for us to have an annual general mobilisations system in which us members get of the proverbial takes our case to the people who would also be recruited as dues-paying members as financing our election etc campaigns.
We should as part of our restructuring be required to have our own territories for dropping off those manifestos,leaflets,etc which would also be used for swapping reciprocal inserts with other outfits with whom we can have an interlocking support/information base.
We should form our members into electorate groups whose monthly meetings would be required to be rotated among the different towns etc in those areas that will be targetted for maildropping on that day by members meetings.
In order that we shall have a responsibility system our small party cannot have 2 organisation & political wings-we need to be united vs the common enemy.
One change to the Alliance shall involve the constitutional rule":that all nominees for Parliamentary candidacy will have been formerly party officers and local/regional council candidates."
Basically using the offices of Chairmen,Secretary and Treasurer as 1 year each training reserves for our membership in communication,organisational,administrative paperwork and income/expenditure financial management skills.No party has the right to impose public office candidates who have not been stomached as internal party officers.Also those who have a party officer background have a strong degree of institutional loyalty which counters the desertion tendency.
The other requirement that nominees shall have been local/regional candidates is so they will be open primaries for parliamentary selections;2,be part of the annual general campaign mobilization systems cycle of the City,District and Regional Council elections + Parliamentary elections with the third year being for consolidation,preparation and voter listening exercises aimed at getting us some financial members.
To this effect I propose there be an Alliance Constitutional Objective":To have competent persons being elected in free election campaigns in all City,District and Regional Councils and Parliament elections etc being waged everywhere on a nationwide basis by the Alliance on its own or in combination with other groups and individuals for the purpose of giving effect to our Council and Parliamentary Manifesto policies to be sent to all households".
It shall be Alliance policy for the constitutional governance of NZ that Parliament shall have both the present directly elected MMP 120 member House of Representatives and an indirectly elected Senate of delegates from the 76(I think that is really 86)City,District and Regional Councils in NZ enforcing their say in e.g. the laws over forced privatisation of their assests and uniformity NZ wide over the Resource Management,Dog Control etc Acts.It shall force all political parties who want to dictate to the C.D. and R Councils to get a mandate by standing in for them and be responsible to the voters in 2 successive Council and Parliamentary election years.Come to think of it would the NZ National Party Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and NZ First Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters have disrupted our country last year(1998)if the Wellington City etc Councils reps on the Senate had vetoed the Wellington airport sale and the National and NZ First parties were to go straight into that years council election wires.
At the end of this Alliance Red & Green magazine article I am available for a controlling say in our strategy.Yours Fraternally,C.Bruce Milne.C.B.Milne.
This is the reply to my letter from the then Alliance General Secretary.
Alliance Office,P.O.Box 2948,Wellington
27 April.1999.Colin Bruce Milne.620 Park Road,Te Awamutu.Waikato.2400.
Dear Colin,Thanks for your letter of 5 April. Like you,I believe that it is the job of political parties to build their organisation from year to year,to train our activists to become the leaders we so badly need,and to foster strong networks within the community.
Unfortunately we had no room in the current issue of Red & Green to include your contribution but thank you nonetheless.Comradely regards.Conor Twyford,Alliance General Secretary,on behalf of Matt McCarten.
My Wednesday/27 February/2008 reply to that is that shitheads refusal to publish my letter in the following Alliance Party Red & Green magazine as my positive contribution exposes Conor Twyford,Jim Anderton,Matt McCarten,Tony Cardy,Grant Gillon etc as definitely part of a conspiracy to destroy the Alliance Party as a political force in NZ politics.

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Blog: Google says Microsoft-Yahoo bad for internet

February 4, 2008

After Saturday's big news of Microsoft's massive bid for Yahoo, just about anyone who is interested in the internet has weighed in to give their opinion on what the tie-up of software leader with web giant might mean.Check out some of the discussion on Slashdot .It has to be said that the tone…

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California First Lady Maria Shriver Endorses Obama

February 3, 2008

California First Lady Maria Shriver is the surprise guest at the Oprah Winfrey/Caroline Kennedy/Michelle Obama rally at UCLA — and she's come out for Barack Obama. She just took the stage to thunderous applause, saying, ''I'm standing here not because I'm cousins with her,'' she said, looking at her cousin, Caroline.

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