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God’sEyeView: Saddam’s Cat Up for Adoption

February 25, 2007

God'sEyeView: Saddam's Cat Up for Adoption

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God’sEyeView: Why Don’t We Use Racial Profiling?

February 25, 2007

God'sEyeView: Why Don't We Use Racial Profiling?

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The Secular Outpost: The Greek gods are back

February 20, 2007

The Secular Outpost: The Greek gods are back

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February 11, 2007

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Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty: The tino rangatiratanga flag

February 9, 2007

Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty: The tino rangatiratanga flag

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Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty: Tino Rangatiratanga

February 9, 2007

Capitalism Bad; Tree Pretty: Tino Rangatiratanga

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Entry for 02 February 2007.My First Yahoo!7 360 Blog Entry

February 1, 2007

Sender:Colin Bruce Milne.Te Awamutu.Waikato.3800.New Zealand. Hello to all readers of this first Yahoo!7 360 blog entry of mine.It is to be hoped that we can move together within cyberspace in terms of the information flows.In a way doing blogs that are accessed by everyone sure beats doing mass emails to some people that may not want to read them.In fact I am thinking of using my blogsites in part as a public archive of some of my emails and postings to various groups both on and off cyberspace-this could also have the benefit of stretching my creative juices around.I would very much like all my blog friends to consider joining some of my Yahoo and other Groups.Likewise I would also like those of my fellow Yahoo and other Groups members to consider setting up their own blogsites and websites.In fact I am even considering using this blogsite and others as the training wheels of doing a fully fledged website which would need one whole lot more site construction work on it.Yours Etc C.Bruce Milne.C.B.Milne.

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