Supporters of Nigerian President’s Re-Election Bid Are Using a Terrible Hashtag

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on TIME:

In an ill-advised political maneuver, supporters of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan have begun using the hashtag #BringBackGoodluck2015 to support the incumbent leader’s re-election bid.

The campaign is generating controversy because of its similarity to #BringBackOurGirls, one of the biggest social-media pushes of the year that was launched to demand the return of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted in April by terrorist group Boko Haram. The al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists have threatened to sell the girls as slaves.

What makes the repurposing of the hashtag even more unpalatable is that the victims have still not been rescued, despite a raft of promises by Jonathan’s government. The Nigerian military says it is reluctant to take concrete action lest Boko Haram kills the girls in response, reports the BBC.

Although #BringBackGoodluck2015 may not be officially used or endorsed by the President personally, it has appeared on banners and posters at several campaign events across…

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Honda unveils its self-driving car powered by lasers, radars and cameras

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Metro:

Honda has become the fourth company after Google, Ford and Toyota to share its own vision of the self-driving car.

The Acura RLX sedan uses cameras, radar sensors and laser beams to monitor lane marking and the car’s surroundings, while in-built GPS technology helps the car to stay on the course and follow speed limits.

In an impressive video filmed in Detroit, the car takes two passengers onto the highway, accelerating to the appropriate speed limit, braking if necessary and signalling to change lanes.

An Acura RLX sedan, a prototype car, is shown during a demonstration in Detroit, Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014. The car has cameras that monitor lane markings and multiple radar sensors on the front and sides. On top is a beacon that uses laser beams to continually scan the carís surroundings, similar to self-driving prototypes already introduced by Google, Ford and Toyota. GPS also helps the car stay on a previously mapped course and follow the speed limit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

One tech journalist said using the car was like a ‘five-star’ taxi journey (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

‘Honda is aiming to eliminate accidents, not just for the driver but for pedestrians and drivers of other cars,’ said Hironobu Kiryu, the car’s chief engineer.

Speaking at the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, Mr Kiryu explained that if the car senses it cannot handle a situation – such as when a vehicle cuts too closes in…

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Atheist must swear to God — or leave US Air Force

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on The "Great" One's Blog:

People really are full of crap, on both sides of the argument. First I must ask the question, when did the United States as a country, as a people, lose their common sense and become indoctrinated with Christianity? Surely our Founding Fathers were not religious freaks, in fact, most of them were deists – a far cry from being evangelical Christians. The fact that most of them were Freemasons and that they fled Europe to avoid, among other things, religious persecution is all the proof one needs that they were not Christians.

On the other side of the argument, an oath is nothing more than words, meaningless words. One has to swear on the Bible in court; talk about mindless stupidity! Swearing on a book of fairy tales with talking animals and all other kinds of nonsense.

It just seems to me that there are more important things to fight…

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Why the ‘Rooney Rule’ isn’t the answer to the lack of black football managers

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Metro:

Huddersfield Town’s Chris Powell can lead the way for equality in football management (Picture: Press Association Images)

Chris Powell’s appointment as Huddersfield Town manager has led to the lack of black managers again being discussed in the media, and rightly so.

The fact is Powell is the only non-white manager currently employed by the 92 clubs that make up the Football League and Premier League.

Equality in English football has moved forward in the past 30 years, but black players are now firmly accepted in the football family there there is still a lack of non-white coaches qualifying through the Uefa Pro Licence system.

Indeed, just seven per cent of Uefa Pro Licence holders, the minimum requirement for any permanent manager, are not white.

This is dire, especially when you consider that more than 25 per cent of players in the Football League are black, and 40 per cent of players aged…

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Britney Spears launched her fab new lingerie range at NYFW and we’re fangirling all over it

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Metro:

Britney Spears launched her new lingerie and sleepwear range at New York Fashion Week yesterday (Picture: Andy Kropa/Invision/AP)

During the noughties, any mention of Britney’s undercrackers was usually in relation to their whereabouts (if found, please return etc.), but times have changed and while Britters is drawing attention to her nether regions again, it’s for all the right reasons.

Last night, the popstar launched her new range of underwear and sleepwear, called The Intimate Britney Spears, at New York Fashion Week inside the very refined surrounds of the New York Public Library (cue lots of sexy librarian references).

And can we just take a moment to say how fab she looked?

The pretty lingerie range has a retro feel (Picture: Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

The collection is divided into 10 different themed lines (or ‘intimate stories’ as the PR folk call them), each named after a different flower.

The salon presentation was…

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Schoolboy, 11, denied free bus pass by council because his house is five feet too close to school

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Metro:

Jon Lawson, 11, from Fern Crescent in Seaham has been refused a free buss pass as he lives 1.9999 miles away from his school, Seaham School of Technology rather than the permitted two miles.   A boy has been denied a free bus pass given to children who live two miles from school after a council ruled his home is - 1.999 miles away. See swns story SWMILES. Jon Lawson, 11, started secondary school this week and his parents assumed he would get a free pass - just like his brother Liam, 14. But council bosses say a change in the way the route is measured means their house is now 1.999 miles away from Seaham School of Technology in County Durham. It means that while Liam - who was measured under the old system - can get the bus to his school Jon has to walk 40 minutes to and from school every day.

Jon has been forced to walk to school while his neighbour gets a free bus pass (Picture: SWNS)

A boy has been denied a free bus pass to school because his home is just over five feet too close to his school.

Jon Lawson, 11, was told to take a hike by Durham County Council in a letter which explained that students who live within two miles of the school do not qualify for the free travel pass.

In an outstanding example of red tape, the letter claimed that Jon would not receive the pass as he lived 1.999 miles away from Seaham School of Technology.

[metro-sassy-poll question="Do you think Jon should get a free bus pass?" option1="Yes" option2="No"]

The council says the distance is calculated to such a detailed level using satellite images.

Jon’s dad, John, said he was ‘furious’ with the decision.

He said: ‘The boy who lives on the other side of the street…

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Simon Cowell ramps up his Strictly Come Dancing war by airing three episodes in one week to clash with dance contest’s first live shows

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Metro:

Programme Name: Strictly Come Dancing  - TX: 07/09/2014 - Episode: Generics (No. n/a) - Picture Shows:  Claudia Winkleman, Tess Daly - (C) BBC - Photographer: Ray Burmiston

Will The X Factor’s war with Strictly Come Dancing ever end? (Picture: ITV/BBC)

Simon Cowell is ramping up his X Factor machine and will be airing THREE shows in ONE week in order to beat rival Strictly Come Dancing in the ratings war.

Fans of The X Factor will get to see their favourite judges Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Louis Walsh on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at the end of the month in a special triple-bill for the boot camp section of the show.

Strictly hit TV screens with its launch show on Sunday night and after winning the first ratings battle, Si is pulling out the big guns to not lose the second battle too.

As Strictly returns with the first of its live shows as the likes of Mark Wright, Pixie Lott and Thom Evans take to the dancefloor on Friday 26 September, The…

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Look magazine | Why Women Like Jennifer Have A Right To Privacy

September 10, 2014

Originally posted on Paperhouse:


This week’s Look magazine, on sale now, includes an opinion piece from me about the hacking and distribution of celebrity nudes, and why finding fault with the victims lets the real guilty parties off the hook.

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Watch Father Alberto Cutie Be Interviewed on ARV for Telemundo!

September 1, 2014

Originally posted on Levine Communications Office:

Watch LCO client Father Alberto Cutie and his wife Ruhama Canellis in an interview on “Al RojoVivo” for Latino network Telemundo! He talks about his new book “Dilemma” and they both opened up about their love and experience in dealing with some of the scrutiny they have received. Click on the picture to watch the interview.

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Welcome the Internet Archive to The Commons | Flickr Blog

August 31, 2014

Welcome the Internet Archive to The Commons | Flickr Blog.


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