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August 15, 2014

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Position on Racist Comments

August 14, 2014

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

I have been through this before, but some of the reactionary filth Bigfooter haters are trying to use this to smear me as “racist.”

There is no prohibition against racist commenting on this site, nor on sexist, homophobic, nationalist or whatever. You can say anything you want here as this is a free speech zone. And specifically, racist comments are not a reason for banning or even deleting comments.

However! There is a certain amount of moderation on the site. That is, the commenters themselves moderate the site. Some commenters who go over the board with racist comments, in particular using racist slurs and insults like “nigger,” etc. may run afoul of their fellow commenters. When I notice that a commenter has gone over the top with racist comments, especially slurs, I ask Alpha if she wants them banned. She gives me an opinion of whether or not they have…

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Nicky Hager Spin Bingo

August 13, 2014

Originally posted on The Dim-Post:

Let’s see how many times the Prime Minister, Steven Joyce and National’s media mouthpieces can clock this over the next seventy-two hours. 



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Iraqi Communist Party Statement on ISIS Occupation of Mosul

August 12, 2014

Originally posted on Young Communist League Britain:

The Iraqi Communist Party calls for confronting the heinous crimes committed against the Iraqi people in Mosul: The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party has issued the following statement, 19 July 2014

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Morning Star :: Iraq troops ‘retake two towns’ from rampaging Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militant group

August 12, 2014

Morning Star :: Iraq troops ‘retake two towns’ from rampaging Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militant group. – Iraqi Communist troops celebrate victory after defeating ISIS terrorists

August 12, 2014 – Iraqi Communist troops celebrate victory after defeating ISIS terrorists.

Mosul Sunnis Helped ISIS Throw Out the Christians

August 12, 2014

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

I figured as much. Muslim treatment of non-Muslim minorities in Muslim lands is typically pretty awful. Muslims behave a lot better when they are minorities in non-Muslim countries, but being a religious minority in a Muslim country must be a particular sort of Hell in many cases. Islam has always been like this, and I don’t see anything changing in the future. All of this behavior is justified in the Koran, the Hadiths and even worse, in the rulings of Muslims scholars down through the ages.

I wonder if the Kurdish Muslims will treat these Christians any better.

Most of these Christians are ethnic Assyrians who speak some variant of the Aramaic language.

Saddam was so much better than this.

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Yazidis Want to Leave Iraq

August 12, 2014

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

Yazidis want to leave Iraq. Whether they think that Kurdistan is an ok place for them to go, I am not sure. For now, Kurdistan is part of Iraq, and the Deep State seems determined to keep it that way for now anyway. Since Kurdistan is part of Iraq, I assume that the Yazidis do not want to stay there either. Both the Iraqi Christians and the Iraqi Yazidis want to go to Europe. That the Christian cultures of Europe are willing to take in not only like-minded Christians but also the very odd Yazidi sect while Muslims only want to genocide them is a profound indictment of Islam. Islam really doesn’t do the religious tolerance thing very well, does it?

The Yazidis have been genocided 72 times in their history. This is the 73rd. Guess who genocided them, every single time?


Islam. Great religion.

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More Charges About the War in the Ukraine

August 12, 2014

Originally posted on Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay:

Here are some of the latest Ukie charges, somewhat parroted by the US Free Press (TM). I will also go over some questions about the war.

The Ukies (Nazis) have long been saying that the Russians shell these Novorussian cities in order to blame the destruction on the Nazis. There is no evidence at all that this is occurring and anyway, the Russians and Novorussians are simply not that depraved. False flags are a fascist or imperialist thing. Russia is not an antifascist, anti-imperialist country that is leading the world battle against fascism and US imperialism.

The main reason this is not happening, other than the moral angle, is that there is no reason to fake such things. The Nazis are doing plenty enough damage on their own! When the Nazis start shelling a city, they often avoid shelling Novorussian troop concentrations and instead focus on residential areas. The reason is…

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Who Are the Yazidis, the Ancient, Persecuted Religious Minority Struggling to Survive in Iraq?

August 11, 2014

Who Are the Yazidis, the Ancient, Persecuted Religious Minority Struggling to Survive in Iraq?.

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